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The Spectacle Lens Powering My Cold-Start Practice’s Profitability

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I was excited to open a private practice in my hometown, and “cold starting” afforded me the independence I needed to ensure I have the best technology and highest standards of care available. I strongly believe that this mindset is what differentiates me from the competition—especially as more value-based retailers enter the market. I strive to set the bar high for the type of care and experience I share with my patients.

Offering Neurolenses as an ophthalmic therapeutic lens option to help solve many patients’ common—and yet dynamic—chief complaints has set me apart; both because these lenses are something that retail chains cannot offer, and because they can have a truly transformational impact on patients. This has helped me grow my reputation as a provider by addressing my patients’ issues with a simple yet effective, state-of-the-art solution.

In short, adding this technology to my new practice is changing patient lives while creating a positive practice-building revenue boost as well.

Dr. Markowski, center, with her optician, Alex (left) and optometric technician, Shannon. Not pictured: Jackie, the practice’s receptionist. Dr. Markowski says Neurolenses greatly strengthened the trajectory of her cold-start practice.







Read more about how Dr. Markowski differentiated her practice with Neurolens here! Review of Optometric Business.

By Allise Markowski, OD

By Allise Markowski, OD

Allise Markowski, OD, is the owner of Connecticut Vision Associates in Suffield, Conn. To contact her: allisemarkowski@gmail.com

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