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The 5 E's of Embracing Neurolens Technology in your practice!

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Follow these five easy "E's" for embracing Neurolens Technology to make the transition for your practice a smooth one, motivate your staff, and utilize Neurolens technology to its highest potential.

Educating your team on WHAT the problem you are trying to solve is and HOW Neurolens solves it helps them fully understand your treatment recommendations. Similarly, being sure that everyone has the time and space to learn the product and understand its functionality and value enables them to explain the benefits of Neurolens to your patients more effectively.

Experiencing the Neurolens technology first-hand helps your team accurately and effectively explain the product to your patients. Having your team wear Neurolenses themselves and understanding how it works in their own lives gives them a unique perspective when sharing their experiences with your patients!

Establishing an effective workflow when implementing new technology is very important. A workflow creates muscle memory for your team and provides consistent experiences for your patients. Creating a checklist of tasks, focusing on language, messaging, processes, and the handoff from OD to Optician, are essential when implementing Neurolens.

Creating an atmosphere of excitement around anything new in your practice creates better buy-in! Offering incentives to your team to learn and implement new technology or systems creates a fun and celebratory atmosphere. This will turn the sometimes-tricky task of adding additional steps in your office's workflow into a positive and delightful experience.

With Neurolens you can offer your patients a solution to their symptoms that you previously could not! This is huge in providing excellence in patient care, because Neurolens helps you focus on giving your patients positive outcomes they might not otherwise have been able to get!


To learn more about Neurolens, please visit our website at https://www.neurolenses.com/.

Dr. Brenda Montecalvo

Dr. Brenda Montecalvo

Brenda Montecalvo, OD, FCOVD, FAAO, FCSO is an optometrist, international speaker, best selling author and business consultant. For over 36 years she has used therapeutic performance lenses and optometric vision therapy to help patients have better vision so they can live a better life and create a better world. She is passionate about teaching people about vision and giving them the opportunity to see their potential so they can be more, do more, and give more. She recently founded the Vision Aces Academy where she coaches other optometrists to improve outcomes and increase profits while having more time for fun, friends and family.

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