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Digital Vision Syndrome: A Growing Public Health Concern

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Coppell, TX, April 7, 2021 -- Nearly 65 percent of U.S. adults complain of headaches, neck and shoulder pain and eye strain when using digital devices, reading or doing detail work, according to a study from neurolens, the maker of the world's first and only prescription lenses that add a contoured prism to bring the eyes into alignment. As we approach May, which has been designated as Healthy Vision Month in the U.S., now is the time to consider the impact that eyesight has on overall wellness, and the fact that symptoms seemingly unrelated to vision could be caused by eye misalignment – when eyes don’t work together.

Adults and children alike are living a year of digital overload. The average American spent about seven hours a day on electronic devices before the pandemic. This statistic is sharply accelerating with millions of employers shutting offices and shifting to work-from-home. In-person meetings have been replaced with online meetings and virtual school attendance is prolific. New data from Microsoft Work Trend Index shows a 148 percent rise in videoconference activity and a 45 percent jump in work-related digital chat.

Digital vision syndrome (DVS) is an emerging public health concern. Dr. Vivek Labhishetty, Director of Clinical Research at Neurolens says, “Optometrists across the nation are seeing an uptick of symptoms related to CVS/DVS, such as headaches and eye strain. These painful symptoms are often associated with eye misalignment and Neurolenses are meeting the needs of thousands of people who experience these symptoms on a daily basis.”

When the eyes are not aligned, the visual system must work to constantly compensate for the misalignment. This can put stress on the trigeminal nerve – the largest and most complex nerve connected to the brain, and the one responsible for head and neck sensations. Many have sought relief by frequently resting their eyes or by turning to migraine medications, aspirin, eye drops, etc., but symptom relief is fleeting. Conversely, a survey of Neurolens wearers found that 93 percent responded positively to wearing Neurolenses; in fact, 82% of patients suffering from chronic daily headaches reported their symptoms were substantially reduced or “basically gone” after wearing Neurolenses for 90 days. Many Neurolens wearers have even been able to ween off prescription or over-the-counter pain-relieving medications.

To find out if you may have an issue with eye misalignment, Neurolens has launched a new quick test at neurolensetest.com.


About Neurolens

Inspired by a breakthrough discovery linking optometry and neurology, Neurolens is unlocking a new dimension of vision care. With patented Contoured Prism technology, Neurolenses are the first and only prescription lenses that go beyond visual acuity to provide visual comfort for the nearly 65% of US adults who complain of headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eyestrain when using digital devices, reading or doing detail work. The Neurolens Contoured Prism design helps the eyes work together comfortably, bringing the eyes into alignment to relieve painful symptoms. Technology from Neurolens is only available to Independent Eye Care Providers.

Neurolens Marketing

Neurolens Marketing

Nearly 2/3 of adults experience the painful symptoms of eye misalignment, including chronic headaches, neck pain, eye strain and dry eye sensation. Fortunately, relief is in sight with Neurolenses, which go beyond visual acuity to restore naturally comfortable vision.

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